Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MOOS at Tenue de Nîmes

We are preparing the launch of our new Journal de Nîmes, The Dutch issue. In this paper we will show the world which treasures our home country shelters. One of the brands we will do a report about is MOOS. This Dutch one-man-company is all about specializing is three things: Denim, tailoring and basics. Although all of his garments are tailor made, the owner likes to see them as basics - or fundamentals if you will. So, although each of his jeans are specially made, MOOS considers it a basic must have that should never have to change. Well we were so attracted to this principal that we asked him to do a jeans for us. Olivier will write a special about this lovely brand and the philosophy of the owner in Journal de Nîmes Nº6. Have a look at the first preview of MOOS determining what strange curves should be added to our personal pair of MOOS jeans. More shots at Flickr.

This is an original (Dutch) RIH frame by the RIH Sport Amsterdam, another great example of the highly unusual stores that are available in our capital. Did we mention already these guys have been around since 1921?

Classic Rolls 'San Marco' saddle - the final touch of this classic track bike.

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