Monday, November 8, 2010

Painted Levi's

The Atelier of Koen Tossijn (founder of MOOS Tailored Basics) that we visited last week was full of the most lovely (vintage) treasures. Most of them were photographed by Joachim and will be shared in the new Journal de Nîmes that will hit the store net next week. One of the things we saw in Koen's atelier was just to cool to be true, so we decided to share it right away. Have a look this crazy pair of Levi's that is used by his brother to paint in.

Now I know you guys are all aware of the effects of natural wear on dry denims. But have you ever seen an actual knee sticking out of a pair of jeans? These jeans got so stiff after all the drying paint that was spilled, that they look like the legs of the owner are still in there when you put them up straight. These legs look like fossils. Crazy! Best way to wear out your jeans from now on? Become a painter.

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