Monday, December 13, 2010

Tenue de Nîmes denim by MOOS

During our two year anniversary celebration we received a very special package by our friend Koen, owner at MOOS Tailored Basics. He gave Joachim, Rene and me our first hand-made, tailored pair of denim based on our personal shapes, sizes and desires.

It is the first pair of tailored jeans we ever possessed, based on our individual requirements. Although Koen made the jeans similar in terms of denim and detailing his efforts resulted in three totally different shapes and many sleepless nights.

But not only the eye for each individual body makes a pair of MOOS jeans such a remarkable object. His hardly matched addiction to detail is just unbelievable. Have a look at the way Koen treated the hem for instance (below). And do not miss the fact that finally, we found somebody who does not make the inseam look like a part of the jeans that was made by an amateur.

Did we share with you already that he bakes every single waistband button himself?

And what about the blue piping inside the belt loops, and the way the coin pocket is folded so it unveils a little part of the selvage?

Let's just say this guy outshines in every detail. And let's face it: It is just great to have your personal pair dated and stamped with your initials, isn't it? Have a look at some of Koen's 'making of' shots in his Amsterdam based atelier at our Flickr. We hope we can show you our first wear out shots soon.

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