Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This Monday were invited by Christopher Bastin, head designer of Gant Rugger to come to their head office in Stockholm, Sweden. He wanted to show his new ideas for their winter 2011 collection. The Gant office is located in Nacka Strand, a lovely part of Stockholm near the Baltic Sea. Caught by its wintery atmosphere we saw a glimpse of the new Gant Rugger collection. The main inspiration of the 2011 designs was a 1960's Rode Island School of Design year book that Christopher bought online for only a few euro's.

The entire collection is an oath to the days that Gant was the most popular shirt company of the USA. Christopher shared some remarkable anecdotes with us like the fact that Gant was the founder of the 'locker loop' on the back of classic sports shirts. Or the 'Fag Tag' as athletes liked to call it back in the days.

No branding is allowed since the Gant Rugger collection is all about garments, classic silhouettes and ditto fabrics. Instead, the Rugger shirts are branded with a traditional Union stamp with the remarkable 'G' sign added to it.
The images above are taken by Joachim at the special collection presentation by Gant on Monday where we were literally able to walk through the Gant world for the first time.

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